"This means WAR": Comedians criticize SNL for firing Shane Gillis over racist language

On his Comedy Central talk show Monday, fellow SNL veteran David Spade said he preferred “to stay out of the fray,” deferring to two of his “Lights Out With David Spade” guests: comedians Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr.

“This is just cancel culture. The guy shouldn’t have been fired,” Jefferies said. “It’s just a couple things back in his history — are we going to go back through everyone’s history? Or are we going to get rid of every sketch that SNL has done that involves race?”…

Burr referenced SNL’s poor track record during his appearance on “Lights Out.” “If you say something like that, you can’t work in a sketch show, but, like, it’s okay for what, he can work at a lumberyard? He’s certainly going to meet more Asians there,” he said to awkward laughter from the audience.

Burr, who notably riffs on cancel culture in his latest Netflix special, “Paper Tiger,” offered a clarification: “Than on SNL! It’s a joke about how SNL’s not hiring Asians.”