Stormy Daniels will run against Michael Avenatti if he runs for president

“He just went off the rails,” she told The Daily Beast in a recent interview at her home in New Orleans. Daniels said she would only run for president if Avenatti ever announced he was running—he announced he would not run in 2020 last December—because she would want to run a kamikaze-style campaign to take him down.

“If he decides to run, I’m going to run just so I can start a GoFundMe for the sheer purpose of making smear campaign videos against him,” Daniels said, laughing. “Just for fun. I bet people would actually be into it.”

As for who she’s supporting in the 2020 race, Daniels said she hasn’t made up her mind yet, but she’s currently leaning toward Elizabeth Warren.

“If I had to pick somebody right now, I would probably say Elizabeth Warren,” Daniels said. “I’m always really hesitant to say because I don’t know if me saying something helps or hurts the person.”