"I was non-stop Juuling up a storm"

She initially liked that it was convenient and kept her from smelling like cigarette smoke. But she started feeling worse about her use recently.

“I could tell that it was making me feel worse body-wise, head-wise. I was getting a lot more anxious, but then also my joints and my lungs hurt more,” she said. “I was using it way more than I ever used (cigarettes). Like instead of going out and smoking like a cigarette a day, I was like non-stop Juuling up a storm, which is not fun.”

Juuling was expensive, she said, and she started seeing news about deaths from vape-related illness and reading about Juul’s questionable marketing practices.

So she quit about a week ago, tossing her Juul in a city trash can so she wouldn’t change her mind. She said she misses it.