Why aren't more celebrities running for president?

4. Potential candidates fear the job. Were I Oprah, I sure as hell wouldn’t run for president. Ditto pretty much every other celebrity whose name is floated for the job. As Trump himself is fond of pointing out, he “could be having a very nice life right now” instead of being “with you people, ranting and raving.” This is equally true of other celebrities. Being president cannot be pleasant, and it is more than understandable that celebrities would not seriously seek the Oval Office, even if they occasionally toy with the idea in long magazine profiles to affect an air of public spiritedness.

5. Potential candidates fear the race. Running against Trump ensures a brutal slog of a campaign. He’ll marshal venomous chants at his campaign rallies. He’ll trot out petty nicknames. If his rival is a woman, he’ll make sexist cracks about her appearance. If it’s a man, he’ll impugn his masculinity. If it’s anyone less white than Biden — well, you know how ugly Trump’s rhetoric will be. It’s easy to see why anyone, celebrity or not, would want to skip this race.