Team Trump wrestles with its QAnon problem

To Team Trump, though, QAnon diehards who adore Trump and garner media coverage and camera shots at his 2020 rallies have been a longtime nuisance. One current senior Trump campaign official told The Daily Beast that the standard operating procedure among most staff has been to generally just “ignore them” and not “make a big deal out of” them, both to deprive them of as much press attention as possible and to avoid “pissing off the crazy” people.

In a particularly weird bit of Trumpworld drama that unfolded earlier this year, QAnon believers turned on and began targeting former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka after he called their beliefs “GARBAGE.” Since the Tampa rally, Gorka and other Trump allies have struggled to stop QAnon’s spread, on the grounds that it’s an embarrassment to the larger Trump coalition.

And over the past year, more and more QAnon fans who also support Trump have alleged that their Q gear and shirts have been banned from the president’s rallies, and they have accused security personnel of instructing them to, for instance, turn their T-shirts inside out. The U.S. Secret Service, for its part, has publicly denied that it is involved in QAnon suppression at Trump rallies. If QAnon-related clothing and signs are banned, it’s possible that the ban has been imposed by additional, hired security guards, rather than the Secret Service.