People actually quit SoulCycle over owner's fundraiser for Trump

SoulCycle’s attendance numbers were recently reviewed by Earnest Research, a data-analytics agency that tracks consumer behavior. SoulCycle’s website makes the sign-up data for every class publicly available, and each class is scheduled individually and purchased either individually or in small packages—there is no option for a monthly or annual membership—so sign-up data can be followed in real time. (In the case of Equinox and other gyms that offer longer-term membership plans complete with early termination fees, any effect would be expected to lag.)

Earnest compared sign-ups at locations across the United States over a period of 18 days before and 18 days after the fundraiser news. During that time, the average decline in sign-ups was 12.8 percent.

“We looked at historic data, and there was no other dip like this,” says Ried Niziak, a data scientist with Earnest. “I’m very confident that the boycott has driven down attendance at SoulCycle.” Eudora Erickson, another data analyst at the company, concurred.