Cancel culture will never die. It will only evolve.

But as outrage mobs get bigger and more desperate, the first thing they are going to dismiss is any regard for the veracity of their own accusations, or any requirement that their accusations be topically relevant.

Opposed to the Green New Deal? You’d better hope you never made a joke about your kid having too much homework, lest you be labeled the next Betsy DeVos.

Do you like as much as 5 percent of what Donald Trump has done since the 2016 election? Make sure none of your Facebook posts contain jokes about “the Squad” or you’ll have a MAGA hat slammed onto your head and be frog-marched through an antifa rally in Portland.

The #Resistance is serious business. The Ben Penns of the world have neither the time nor the inclination to fully vet every bad opinion out there. To be accused is to be convicted. Eggs, omelettes, etc.