Conservatives should watch more television

Specifically, more drama and comedy (and less cable news).

The conservative movement in the United States, which identifies itself too closely with the Republican party, is at a low cultural ebb (it is certainly fashionable to be anti-Trump), but American popular culture for the past 20 years nonetheless has been suffused with deeply conservative sentiment — even though conservatives often fail to understand or appreciate it. We should watch less cable news and more drama and comedy.

It may be a matter of sloganeering. The Republican party, in its current goofball-nationalist manifestation, has a four-word slogan: “Make America Great Again!” But conservatives ought instead to appreciate the three most conservative words ever spoken on the vast stage that is HBO: “Winter is coming.” The storm is always coming, and that situation, as many of our fellow citizens are acutely aware right now, is not confined to wintertime.