Reinstate Leif Olson; never give in to "cancel culture"

Based on all this, we conclude that Olson has a pretty wry sense of political humor. But Bloomberg reporter Benjamin Penn thought differently. He chose to “unearth” the above Facebook conversation by maliciously misconstruing it. And because his editor foolishly allowed him to frame it dishonestly as an anti-Semitic remark, Olson felt compelled to resign his post at the Department of Labor rather than cause controversy.

This must not be allowed to stand. We hope that Olson will be restored to his position and in the most public way possible. Think of it as a needed a dagger through the eyeball of online “cancel culture” and a way to humiliate those who traffic in it.

Without the full contemporaneous context, the hilarity of Olson’s Facebook post might go unappreciated. So let’s go back in time to 2016.