Can we find Bill Kristol a new job?

There is not nothing to this. But the fact that as a millennial I am better suited to speak to young people than William Kristol does not mean I stand any chance of unseating PewDiePie as the world’s top YouTuber. I don’t want to hold Walsh’s past against him. Anyone can change and I too once said and wrote a lot of stupid things. Instead, I want to hold his present against him: he has none of Trump’s fame or charisma, and he has no ideas or compelling worldview. He has as much chance of defeating Trump as John Hickenlooper has of winning the Democratic nomination, and Hickenlooper has dropped out.

So, I ask again, can we find a new line of work for Bill Kristol? His political activities are embarrassing him – and, of course, have done a lot of harm to the world. As much comic value as his madcap schemes might have, it would be compassionate of us to salvage some dignity for the man. Could he go into finance? Or law? Or golf club management? Alternatively, we could set up a think tank called Defending US Law and Leadership or whatever where he could produce reports and press releases and we could all smile and nod before filing them in the trash can.