Anthony Scaramucci wants you to believe him this time

Nicholas: What do you believe needs to happen now? Do you want to see the Cabinet invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment? Should Republicans defeat him in the primary?

Scaramucci: They’ve looked at the Twenty-Fifth Amendment—many of the Cabinet members have. And the big reluctance there is he has such an ardent base, he has such loyal, aggressive support, that I think they’re worried there could be some kind of social upheaval as a result of this. I think where it stands right now is he has to get beaten at the ballot box. There has to be a full-blown litigation of who he is, what he’s done, the damage he’s done to our society, and then you’ve got to hope and pray that the Democrats put up somebody that’s not a full-blown socialist.

What I’m hoping to do over the next three or four months is hit him so hard that we knock down his poll numbers. If we can knock them into the low 30s or high 20s [from his roughly 40 percent approval rating now, according to Gallup], it becomes a fait accompli, and like Lyndon Johnson [in 1968], he doesn’t run. That will make the field wide open. That’s the goal. I may have sucked as a communications director, but I’m a pretty organized entrepreneur.