Joe Walsh's long history of incendiary bigotry

Walsh has also referred to a “war on whites,” said Democrats have turned blacks into “uneducated government slaves,” suggested he wants “quotas for whites in BET Awards,” claimed “millions of white people died so blacks could be free,” said “once again blacks in America try to burn their own neighborhood down,” and tweeted “I have a right to say blacks are lazy and the Irish are drunks.”

“I would have been run out of DC if I tried to launch the Congressional White Caucus,” Walsh complained in 2016. “That’s not right.”…

Walsh’s longtime association with white nationalist Paul Nehlen, who was twice supported by Walsh in doomed primary attempts against former congressman Paul Ryan, will also give the presidential hopeful headaches. Just a couple days after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Walsh had the anti-Semite on his radio show. Nehlen was a known “pizzagate” conspiracy promoter and had spent the weekend retweeting alt-right celebrations of Charlottesville. Walsh called Nehlen “my friend” and told his listeners to visit Nehlen’s campaign website.

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