"You are helping him": Vulnerable Democrats grilled on impeachment

Rep. Stephen Lynch, who opposes impeachment because he fears it will help Trump, faced a hostile crowd of around 200 advocates, activists and constituents who shouted him down as he delivered impassioned rejections of their calls for impeachment.

Lynch, who has served in the House for nearly two decades, faces a different predicament than his fellow moderates in swing districts. The Massachusetts Democrat doesn’t fear Republican opponents; he has progressive primary challengers as his already-blue Boston suburbs district is being yanked to the left.

“You are going to give Donald Trump another four years by doing that. You are helping him. You are helping him get another four years,” Lynch fired back at his constituents, raising his voice as the restive audience shouted at him. “I want Donald Trump removed from office and you’re going to give him another four years. That’s what I know. That’s what I know in my heart.”

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