Biden is my Harvard, not my "safety school." He really is my favorite 2020 Democrat.

A childhood friend in Illinois talks about how blessedly comfortable Biden makes her feel — and if you think “comfortable” means meh, you must have slept through the last three fun-filled years.

His authenticity and experience are exactly what the country needs now, says a former colleague in Florida.

And best of all, he would have no learning curve, so could get right to work undoing the damage caused by what’s-his-name, says a therapist in North Carolina.

“He’s a good, honorable, smart, decent, civil man who has dedicated his entire life to public service,” says Morna Murray, executive director of the Rhode Island Disability Law Center and former senior counsel to Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pennsylvania. “He was a great senator and vice president, and I’m pretty sure it does not get much better than that!”