It’s time for Dems to make Israel an issue in their 2020 primary

These are the same Democrats who rail against Republicans for failing to call out Trump’s allegedly racist rhetoric. But when their own members paint Israel as a cruel oppressor rather than a vulnerable nation threatened by an entire region dedicated to its destruction, they go silent. Somehow a handful of progressive congresswomen have instilled fear in the Democratic leadership on this and many other issues. This is shocking.

Thus far, Israel and the Middle East have not been major issues in the 2020 Democratic Primary. That has to change. With the progressive zeitgeist in America moving so strongly and swiftly against Israel, the American people need to know where these candidates stand on the issue.

It will not be enough to simply say that there are divergent opinions in the Democratic caucus; men and women who wish to be president must decisively back the right of Israel to defend itself and vociferously oppose any efforts to punish Israel economically.

They cannot in good faith criticize Israel for barring entry to politicians intent on deriding that nation, while tolerating the view that the United States should be actively punishing that nation, and placing it at risk.

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