Poll: Americans say the economy is getting worse in a rare turn for Trump

Evaluations of a president’s economic management are usually partisan. These are no exception. Republicans are much more likely than Democrats to describe the economy as getting better.

This week’s results reflect a month-long slide in economic optimism for Trump. In nearly every Economist/YouGov Poll taken during his administration, more have described the economy as getting better than have believed it was getting worse. A year into his term, there was a 14-point gap between the share saying it was getting better (37%) and the share thinking it was getting worse (23%). However, in January 2019, a year after those positive results, Americans were – briefly – less positive, and the gap was in the other directions: 26 percent described the economy as getting better, 35 percent said it was getting worse.

That negative view turned around very quickly, and Americans had remained optimistic – at least until now. In the last month, the proportions saying the economy is improving has dropped five points, while the numbers saying it is getting worse has gone up eight.