Has Trump kept his promises?

Whether Mr. Trump has been the person in office he said he would be depends, I suppose, on what you think he promised. If it was the strong, decisive, deal maker — the character he played on “The Apprentice” and in “The Art of the Deal” — then no, he hasn’t really been that. If on the other hand what he promised was to be the person who played a character on “The Apprentice” and had “The Art of the Deal” written as if it was about him? Yes, he’s been that; the same person who said “I alone can fix” the nation is the one who on Wednesday quoted someone calling him a messiah and then told the press that he was “the chosen one” (to take on China).

And then there are Mr. Trump’s implicit promises to govern as a bigot.

Over all? I think it is fair to say that he has in many respects tried to follow through on what he campaigned on, keeping in mind that his platform was unusually confused and contradictory. But I don’t think there’s any reason to believe that he’s anything special when it comes to keeping or at least trying to keep promises, and given his rambling campaign rhetoric, my guess is that he probably gave worse hints about his policy direction in the White House than most.

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