Susan Collins faces bipartisan anger in Trump-era re-election bid

Angry Democrats aren’t hard to find in Maine, even at a community parade in Buxton where Collins was warmly cheered by many residents as she jogged past in her New Balance sneakers — the company has factories in Maine — followed by her supporters in red Susan Collins T-shirts.

“I’ve supported her ever since she went to Washington. I was extremely disappointed with the Kavanaugh vote,” said Donna Sawyer, 72, of Limington, a former host of a local gardening television show. “I will never vote for that woman again!”

Al Mingione, 69, of Buxton, said he also voted several times for Collins but won’t any more after her Kavanaugh vote. He said he doesn’t “want a guy like that on the Supreme Court,” adding that he also wants to see the Senate go Democratic.

“I’m tired of them doing nothing,” Mingione said in reference to the current Senate, led by Republicans. “How many shootings have we had?”

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