Poll: Public's view on the economy dips for the first time in Trump's presidency

As some economic indicators are beginning to show warning signs of a looming recession, the public’s impressions of — and outlook for — the country’s economic conditions are starting to waver, but they remain mostly positive. The 65% of Americans who now say economic conditions are good represent a 5-point drop from the May CNN/SSRS poll…

A majority (56%) say they expect economic conditions to be good a year from now, 40% say they will be poor. That’s a less-rosy outlook than in December, when 66% said they expected a good economy in a year.

Overall, half of Americans say that economic conditions are good now and will continue to be good in a year (50%) and a quarter say that they’re poor now and will be poor in a year (26%). Of the roughly one in five people who see change happening, 13% say the economy is good now, but will be poor in a year, while 6% think things are poor now, but will improve in the next year.

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