Greenland citizens decry Trump's interest in purchasing island

“It’s a ‘no thanks’ from here”, said Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, an MP from the the Inuit Ataqatigiit party, Greenland’s second largest. She said her homeland was not a commodity that could just be sold, and that it was “tremendously uncomfortable to hear it discussed in such terms”.

Larsen told the Berlingske newspaper it would be better all round for Greenland to stay with Denmark and eventually be granted full independence. She said “If we were bought by the US, our welfare system would be dismantled and fundamental changes would be made to Greenlandic society – we’d be crushed.”…

Asked if she did not find it flattering that Trump found Greenland attractive, she said: “It is Greenland’s geostrategic location that Trump is interested in. Not the country itself, or Greenlanders. So no – it’s not flattering.”