We need all the Trump defectors we can get. Even Mooch.

There is—this may shock you—very little nuance in how the #Resistance thinks about Trump’s supporters and the people who have worked for him. Blind rage, after all, does tend to make you blind. They seem to be unable to discern that there are many, many people who have served Donald Trump in some capacity and that these people had different senses of purpose, different levels of effectiveness, and different opinions of the man himself.

Some are beyond reproach: Men like James Mattis or H.R. McMaster or Gary Cohn, serious people and honorable Americans who took the risks associated with working for Trump out of a sense of duty to their country, and then made statements by walking away (or getting fired).

Then there are those who chose to use Trump to further their own agendas and are explicitly culpable for more or less the whole charge sheet: Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, for starters. (Think about it: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is only the third-worst Steve in the administration.) Sebastian Gorka. Rob Porter. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They either gave Trump some of his worst ideas and/or helped him implement them. Or they at aided, abetted, and lied for him. Or they proved themselves to be—all on their own—terrible people.

Those are the two poles, the easy calls. But what about everyone in the vast middle?