Why Trumpworld keeps gaslighting about the "Charlottesville hoax"

One downside of having our nation’s president also function as its most prolific pundit is that we often spend less time talking about the news than we do talking about our talking about the news. Consider, for example, the interminable debate over how the president responded to white nationalist violence in Charlottesville two full years ago.

On Tuesday, President Trump retweeted a video from Steve Cortes, a staunch Trump supporter who appears on CNN regularly and who has spent much of the last year railing that the media has constructed a revisionist history of how Trump responded to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. It was the president’s most prominent endorsement yet of a theory that has been gaining steam: Actually, Trump denounced the white nationalists at Charlottesville vociferously, and if you remember otherwise, it’s only because the media has planted a lie in your minds.

In the slick video produced by PragerU, Cortes argues that the common characterization of Trump’s response—that Trump provided cover for white nationalists by equivocating that there were “very fine people” on both sides at the rally—is a deliberate lie.

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