There's a new culture divide between Trump and corporate America

But Trump’s plastics boosterism comes at a time when corporate America — from Google to Coca-Cola and beyond — is trying to appear more in line with environmentalists, at least attempting to associate their names with less plastic and more recycling.

It’s the latest in a very long line of examples of progressive change in the era of Trump being driven not just from outside the White House, but in spite of it.

Trump took personal credit Tuesday for a new plastic manufacturing plant being built by Royal Dutch Shell in Pennsylvania. Never mind that it had been planned since 2012 and built with the promise of more than $1 billion in tax credits from state taxpayers. That didn’t stop Trump from using it to push Pennsylvanians to support his reelection.

“Virtually every leading Democrat has vowed to eliminate fossil fuels,” he said, overstating the calls by Democrats to pursue renewable energy and address climate change. He asked Pennsylvanians to “get out there and make sure we win.”