Hannity dismisses outrage over Cuomo altercation: "I don't think he should have apologized"

This was unnecessary, Hannity declared on his Tuesday night show in a call for more public civility. “I don’t think he should’ve apologized,” the Fox News host explained. “I don’t support harassment of any public figure, especially in front of their children, and their family and their wife. No person in this country should be taunted because of their political beliefs or opinions.”

After offering his own, brief impersonation of Fredo Corleone from The Godfather, Hannity continued. “Chris has a right to defend himself and let’s not be phony, here,” Hannity added, referring to Cuomo’s numerous curses in the video. “Everybody — we have all heard those words before. We have watched YouTube and anyone feigning outrage like, ‘Oh, your precious ears never heard these words before,’ frankly, you’re probably full of it or you act offended you’re acting like a liberal that is offended by everything.”

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