Trump superfan Bill Mitchell raised money to move to D.C. then he moved to Miami. His fans are pissed.

Mitchell said the move to D.C. from his studio in Palm Beach, Florida would give him and his viewers access to senators, congressmen, and other assorted “movers and shakers.” He said he planned to make the trek within 90 days of May 5. But first, he needed to raise money to pay for the studio.

“All that stuff is very expensive, and if you want it, there’s a couple of ways you can do it,” Mitchell said on his show, before plugging a GoFundMe page to help raise $15,000 for his move. Mitchell also frequently discussed his move to Washington and the fundraising page on Twitter, claiming it would put him closer to “all my political friends.”…

Last Saturday, his fans began to get suspicious when he tweeted a picture of a Miami apartment complex that he described as “my new Miami home!” and when the Miami New Times reported that he had moved to the city. And now Mitchell’s fans and other right-wing personalities are starting to ask what that money was for in the first place.