Epstein’s death has far-reaching legal consequences

Although federal prosecutors have not yet named or charged anyone, legal experts have implied they are focused on certain individuals, citing the conspiracy charge brought against Epstein.

The 2007 plea deal Epstein made with prosecutors in Florida was written in such a way that precluded authorities from charging four women identified as possible co-conspirators. But the Southern District of New York, which indicted Epstein on sex-trafficking in July, has previously said it is not bound by Florida’s plea-deal terms, including the agreement not to prosecute possible co-conspirators.

While taking them to court might be an uphill battle, experts ultimately predict the government would be successful.

Attorney and former federal prosecutor Kenneth White pointed out that the people Epstein allegedly used to recruit girls don’t have standing to challenge the search of his house. Any evidence procured from Epstein’s New York brownstone would be admissible against other alleged co-conspirators.

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