A professor tried to end a sit-in with bolt cutters. Now he's been fired.

The man was a professor at the university, and he was trying to wrest the building from student protesters who had occupied it for more than a month. Before long, the students ejected the professor, Daniel Povey, 43, from the building.

This week, Johns Hopkins kicked him off the faculty, too. His firing will be effective at the end of the month, according to a copy of the termination letter, which Mr. Povey posted on his website along with a 2,200-word retort…

Mr. Povey, who specialized in speech recognition, said he believed he could not receive a fair hearing at the university because he was white and many of the protesters were black or transgender.

White men, Mr. Povey wrote, are expected to care about every demographic group except for their own, “like a neutered puppy-dog or some Justin Trudeau man-child.”

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