Trump's use of immigration as 2020 wedge could backfire on other policies

Regardless, Trump’s approach to immigration has — intentionally or not — gotten mixed up with his administration’s other initiatives.

One major Trump foreign policy goal is forcing out Maduro, whom Trump no longer recognizes as Venezuela’s president. Trump and his aides have pointed to Venezuela’s misery — an economic collapse, food and medicine shortages and corruption — as reasons why Maduro should be ousted.

But even as the Trump team has detailed the horrifying conditions that have led millions of Venezuelans to flee, it has ignored calls to grant Venezuelans in the United States “temporary protected status” so that they can stay in America even if they lack legal status.

In fact, Trump has been trying to dismantle the entire TPS program, which has also covered people from several other nations riven with violence or natural disaster. Trump is also trying to cut down on the number of people granted asylum in the U.S. just as Venezuela has become a top source of asylum applications filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.