The Dems can’t win in 2020 if they keep listening to Twitter

The loudest voices on progressive Twitter are affluent, college-educated whites in a handful of expensive coastal neighborhoods. The median Democratic voter is less wealthy, less likely to be white and less militant. “Militant” used to call to mind images of Black Panthers or union radicals. Now, it’s Caitlyn, an MFA candidate at Oberlin. That’s a small constituency.

The Twitterfied Democrats consequently are having a little trouble with coalition-building. Zealots on the platform beat poor Mario Lopez into craven submission for suggesting that it might be premature to discuss sex-change operations with 3-year-olds, who may very well still believe in the Easter Bunny. (Spoiler.) He’s woke now, but he should have seen it coming: Leana Wen was a longtime Democratic foot soldier and abortion-rights advocate when she became the head of Planned Parenthood — but got canceled on Twitter and was immediately canned for being insufficiently enthusiastic about new pronoun conventions and the concept of “men who become pregnant.”

You ain’t never woke enough for Twitter.