"She was shaking uncontrollably"

In a sworn deposition, Rinaldo Rizzo, the former house manager at the Dubins’ Palm Beach mansion, described a harrowing incident in which a 15-year-old Swedish girl showed up at the house and said Epstein and Maxwell had tried to force her to have sex at Epstein’s private Caribbean island. When she refused, Maxwell took her passport.

“Was she in fear?” a lawyer asked.

“Yes,” Rizzo recalled.

“You could tell?”

“Yes. She was shaking uncontrollably.”

For those in Epstein’s world who haven’t been named, they’re far from in the clear. The documents today are only the first tranche of many more to come, not to mention evidence produced in Epstein’s criminal trial. “It’s all going to come out,” Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies told me.