Tucker Carlson's arguments keep getting dumber

Setting Russia aside, consider that hierarchical list of problems that America faces. As Carlson sees it, white supremacy belongs very low on that list, thus his cable news rivals at CNN were disgracing themselves by talking about such a non-problem in a segment he excerpted. What problems do rank high enough to warrant concern? Carlson has dedicated Fox segments to fretting about:


Gypsies allegedly defecating on the streets and cutting the heads off of chickens
Transgender soldiers
The feminist Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca
NFL players kneeling during the national anthem
Nike’s endorsement deal with Colin Kaepernick
Left identitarianism at Evergreen State College

All that and more meets his threshold for problems worthy of national media attention, yet he makes sweeping, unqualified objections to coverage of a mass shooter’s extremist ideology just after he murdered 22 people ––the same ideology shared by the mass murderers who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City; shot 6 at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin; shot 9 in a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina; and massacred 11 in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

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