Tulsi Gabbard's daredevil act

It’s all triggered a parlor game back in Hawaii, where the four-term congresswoman is at risk of losing a primary for her House seat as she’s stuck at 1 percent in the crowded race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Among the theories: That she’s angling for vice president or a Cabinet post; that she’s weighing a third-party run; or, perhaps, that she’s looking to land a contract as a TV talking head while plotting her next move.

“People are concerned that even if she drops out of the [presidential] race and runs for her seat again, the second something else comes up she’ll abandon it and abandon us again. In other words, that her run for president is the precursor to her run for whatever,” said former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who is backing her primary challenger — and isn’t the only one wondering what Gabbard’s objective is.

He added, “People think she’s going to get a media job, that CNN or MSNBC of Fox will want her to become a commentator.”