Sorry, AOC: Mitch McConnell’s facing much nastier threats than you are

Goons have demonstrated outside Mc­Con­nell’s home before, and have done the same to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — always pushing left. Any chance AOC would care to condemn such threatening behavior?

The picture that triggered her ire was snapped at an annual church picnic that’s the traditional kickoff of campaign season in McConnell’s state of Kentucky; each teen is wearing a “Team Mitch” tee. And, yes, one kid is mock-smooching the cutout while another holds a clenched hand near “AOC’s” throat in a gesture that looks like choking.

Obnoxious, but hardly a real threat — and nothing that should shock a former New York City bartender. But AOC tweeted about it for days. Even after the speaker’s staff apologized, as did one of the boys in the photo, the one who’d posted it.