Never Trump quandary: When you want Trump to lose but can't bear his Democratic opponents

The Democratic debates have been hard on NeverTrumpers. The small but vocal group of Republicans and former Republicans who oppose President Trump has watched in horror as Democrats veered leftward, embracing Medicare-for-All, virtually open borders, sky-high taxes, and other positions no conservative could ever accept. The NeverTrumpers see disaster coming in the form of the president winning re-election over a Democrat who moved too far left for the American voter.

So they issue warnings. The Democrats’ performance in the most recent debate was “worse than farcical,” the New York Times’ Bret Stephens wrote. “It’s tragic. It will make the Trump campaign’s job of selling the president as the non-insane option in next year’s election shamefully easy.”

Bill Kristol, the former Dan Quayle aide who founded the now-shuttered Weekly Standard, tweeted, “Best moment in this debate: ‘It’s time for closing statements.'”