The "Hate Trump" agenda by the Democrats has gone way too far

There was no New York Times article describing how the social media postings of the Dayton shooter “echo” the Democratic lawmakers known as the “squad,” with posts about Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents running “concentration camps” at the southern border. There should not be. Neither should MSNBC ask Elizabeth Warren if President Trump is a “white nationalist,” while not asking a question in an interview about the Dayton shooter, who expressed support for her candidacy.

Unfortunately, this pattern in the media is nothing new. The media rushed to blame Sarah Palin for the shooting in Tucson eight years ago that killed six people and left Gabby Giffords seriously wounded, when there was absolutely no connection. In the wake of the mass shooting at an Aurora movie theater seven years ago, ABC News rushed to find something they could link to Republicans, maligning an innocent man in the process. It was irresponsible then. It is irresponsible now. But like everything since his election, the opponents of President Trump know no limits in their hostile resistance. This divisive blame game in the country must end.

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