Buttigieg aggressively courts superdelegates in prep for a contested convention

The South Bend mayor’s team held a conference call with a group of so-called superdelegates on Monday to ask them for their support, according to an invite obtained by The Daily Beast. It was just the latest sign that the mayor’s aides are still playing catch-up against competitors such as former Vice President Joe Biden, who has been cultivating relationships with party insiders for nearly 40 years. But it also signals that—for all the focus on the early voting states—Buttigieg’s team sees a convention floor fight as a possible path towards securing the party’s nomination.

Two sources familiar with the campaign’s strategy say that while the campaign is confident they can win the nomination battle outright, they think it’s smart politics to prep for the possibility of an open convention. The invitation for the call, which came from Buttigieg’s national delegate director, George Hornedo, was explicit in its purpose. “Mayor Pete wants to touch base to hear your ideas,” it read, “and see how he might be able to earn your support amongst this great group of competitors.”