The only thing Trump should say right now is "I'm sorry"

You know what else doesn’t solve problems or save lives? Hollow calls for unity. And Conway’s tweet is just that unless the president offers the first olive branch. At the time of this writing, the president has not given remarks on either of the mass shootings that took place this weekend. It is likely that is for the best, given that his past efforts have tended to only give reassurance to white nationalists.

Because “coming together” after years of bitter insults, personal affronts, and racist actions requires sacrifice and recognition of the past ills for it to be meaningful. Demanding that everyone “come together” behind a president no matter what he says or does isn’t healing, it’s servitude.

Without contrition, and without a commitment to spend the final 16 months of his presidency demonstrating through words and actions that he genuinely wants togetherness and healing, Trump’s words will be simply more salt in the wounds.