Tech companies say they're ready to fight white-nationalist terror

What they’re saying: While the big tech companies didn’t comment on the record, they shared a consensus around several points:

Many of the big platforms welcome the attention on 8chan and more extreme internet discussion forums, pointing out that extremists tend to start out there, though many do have presences in more mainstream forums.

These companies are willing to work with law enforcement and believe that concerted action could yield results. One source pointed to the success the companies have had in working with law enforcement around Islamist terrorism and even more recently around election security.

Despite that willingness, there is also widespread skepticism over the seriousness of the president’s call, given the administration’s past indifference to white supremacism. In particular, one source pointed to the fact the U.S. hasn’t moved on steps recommended in the wake of the New Zealand shooting, actions signed on to by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Amazon, as well as the heads of state of most of the U.S.’s allies. The tech companies also announced a series of steps they would take on their own, in addition to any work with law enforcement.

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