Jeffrey Epstein is a perversely tragic figure

Speaking of which, Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean — which he dubs “Little St. Jeff’s” — is of renewed interest thanks to an NBC News report this week. Apparently, a blue-and-white-striped, block-shaped building on it bears no resemblance to the octagonally shaped design that had been approved for a music hall, according to permit records.

What the structure does resemble, however, is a pharaoh’s headdress. Might this have been intended as a mausoleum for Epstein’s remains? That is, other than his head and penis, which he reportedly wished to have frozen. Also a fan of cryogenics, believing that frozen human parts and bodies could be resurrected in the future, Epstein is no ordinary bloke. Indeed, he is a perversely tragic figure.

Burdened with suprahuman fantasies and the means to explore them, it seems that Epstein became lost in his own fable. Wandering the skies in his private jet, enamored of his own mind and image, he forgot that he was merely mortal and may have flown too close to the sun. Confined now to a jail cell (with further punishment perhaps to come) — and removed from his luxurious kingdom, his freedom and the company of luminaries who suffused his ego with admiration — his suffering must be immense.

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