Democrats fearing 2020 election scramble for panic button with loser candidates

Some of the party’s fear could get clarified at the next debate, where the Biden-Warren showdown will be the main attraction. Because 20 qualifying candidates were divided over two nights for the first rounds, they have never been on the stage together. That will change in September, when the field is pared to one group.

Given Biden’s poor performances so far, I expect Warren will aim to shred him — as will Sanders, Sen. Cory Booker and most of the others. Either Biden or Warren needs to be hobbled before an alternative can emerge.

Warren is a better debater than Biden, and while she and Sanders are friends, she and Biden are decidedly not. Adding personal animosity to their differences could make for a combustible and defining event.

Until then, the party and its leaders can only hope for a miracle. Which tells you why more and more Dems are joining the long-shot effort to impeach Trump.

After watching the debates, it’s their new Hail Mary.

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