Jeffrey Epstein asks court to keep his finances under wraps

A cloud of mystery has long surrounded Jeffrey Epstein’s finances, which have come under renewed scrutiny this week in the wake of his indictment on sex trafficking charges — but he’s taking steps to make sure the mystery stays alive.

Attorneys for the multimillionaire — who likes to pass himself off as a billionaire — submitted a bail application on Thursday in which they offer up his $77 million Upper East Side townhouse and his private jet as collateral and, in a separate filing, Reid Weingarten, the lead attorney in Epstein’s defense, has asked a judge if Epstein’s records could be filed under seal.

“Here, in the event Mr. Epstein is required to publicly file his financial statement, the information contained therein will inevitably be widely disseminated in the news media, contravening the statutory requirement of confidentiality,” Weingarten wrote.