Wedding dress designer refuses to make garment for lesbian couple

Tiffany Allen and Angel Lane, of St Louis, said they reached out to D. Auxilly to enquire about a $1,500 jumpsuit, which they hoped Lane would wear for their upcoming wedding in October.

The couple described their shock after a follow-up email from owner Dominique Galbraith revealed she would not be able to make the garnet for religious reasons, while encouraging them both to reconsider their relationship.

“I wouldn’t be able to make a piece for a same-sex wedding. It goes against my faith in Christ,” Galbraith wrote.

“I believe Jesus died for our sins so that we would live for him according to His Holy Word. I know you both love each other and that this feels right but I encourage you both to reconsider and see what the Lord has to say and the wonderful things He has in store for you both if you trust and obey Him.”

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