If Trump had a primary challenger

I’ll be honest with you, now and always: Choosing a new nominee carries risks. But so does sticking with an incumbent like Trump as more and more Americans get tired of his broken promises. The Republican Party stuck with George W. Bush in 2004, even as his mistakes were becoming more and more obvious. And while he won the election against John Kerry, the debacle of his second term led directly to eight years of Barack Obama. Let’s not make that mistake again.

The warning signs are there. Trump has already helped fuel a Democratic majority in the House. And while many of you love that he drives the left crazy, like Richard Nixon did, he also makes the left more extreme: more zealous in their political correctness, more supportive of socialism and open borders and reparations, and more powerful in the Democratic Party than they’d be without him.

I can Make America Great Again for the next four years without radicalizing the next generation against the Republican Party, or alienating whole races and religions, or creating a pendulum swing that gives the country eight years of President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, beginning in 2024. Trump couldn’t even win the popular vote against “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, one of the worst candidates in American history. And you’re assuming he’s the best shot to win in 2020.


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