After British ambassador’s downfall, diplomats fear putting Trump criticisms in writing

Darroch’s resignation has already prompted discussions in embassies about scaling back access to diplomatic cables and moderating the tone of assessments about the Trump administration’s handling of global and domestic affairs. Powerful colleagues and friends of Darroch have also sought to keep their expressions of solidarity for the envoy private to avoid angering the U.S. president, though many admitted to sending similarly disparaging cables to their own capitals.

“I think we’re all shocked frankly by what happened to Kim,” said one European diplomat, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid angering Trump. “It shows we have to remain careful in how we explain things to our capitals and how we share information within our own system. I know I’ve sent cables of a similar nature.”

In Washington, foreign diplomats are tasked with keeping a polite and respectful exterior while passing along classified cables that reveal a candid, worts-and-all view of the U.S. government. Senior British officials have said that job has become much harder in the aftermath of Darroch’s resignation.

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