Antivaxxers turn to homeschooling to avoid protecting their kids’ health

In New York last week, hundreds of parents attended a four-hour workshop called Homeschooling 101 in the ballroom of a hotel on Long Island, according to the WSJ. The event was hosted by the anti-vaccine group New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights and covered course requirements, instruction plans, extracurricular activity options, and potential financial resources for parents.

(Throughout the measles outbreak in New York, anti-vaccine groups have targeted vulnerable communities where the disease is concentrated, namely insular Orthodox Jewish communities.)

While some parents in attendance said they were hopeful that the state would reinstate religious exemptions, others said that homeschooling their children is the “only option we have at this point.” One mother said she would quit her part-time job as a fashion designer to homeschool her three unvaccinated children. “I need to quit everything I’m doing to become an educator,” she said.

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