The shame of Donald Trump’s British acolytes

The forces that animate Trump are broadly comparable to some of the forces that animate the hard-right here.

If this were not so, Farage would not share Trump’s analysis. So much so, in fact, that when Trump barks Farage will jump. Hence the call to sack Kim Darroch; hence the suggestion, too, that there is a quick and easy UK-US trade deal that is waiting to be agreed and the pretense, against all available evidence, that Trump would sign an agreement that could plausibly be described as a win-win outcome. (Trump would consider that a defeat).

Still, sides must be chosen. Donald Trump doesn’t like the UK’s ambassador to the United States and if Donald Trump says that then his British acolytes will agree with him. This, it seems, is what believing in Britain is all about. There is something humiliating, even perhaps something servile, about this.

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