Republicans are eating our lunch. I want a 2020 Democrat tough enough to eat theirs.

I owe this transformation largely to the party of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, President Donald Trump and former House Speaker Paul Ryan:

►McConnell for galactic-class hypocrisy that includes, but is not limited to, blockading Obama’s judicial nominees and brazenly robbing him of a Supreme Court seat, then changing the rules to speed Trump’s pro-business, anti-voter judges and justices to confirmation; pressuring Republicans to oppose the Affordable Care Act modeled on many GOP ideas; refusing to protest Russian interference in the 2016 election; refusing to safeguard future elections; and steadfastly protecting a president who is accused of sexual assault and has cozied up to dictators, spilled secrets to Russians, let Saudi Arabia off the hook for murder, started destructive trade wars, attacked the “enemy” news media, and is implicated in illegal behavior from obstruction of justice to violating campaign finance laws.

►Trump for all of that and more. The tragically divisive immigrant-baiting and race-baiting that are his trademark. His unfulfilled promises on health care, “Dreamers,” worker pay raises and so much else. His degrading and monetizing of the presidency and the impunity he thinks he has to ignore Congress. And, almost inconceivably, ruining and even ending lives on the border by separating children from parents and failing to care for them.

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