The Democratic Party is making an irreversible left turn

The “Green New Deal” would be the death knell to the America we know and love. The elimination of modes of transportation and the unilateral, unnecessary surrender of our energy sectors would turn us into a third-world country in no time.

If Democrats in 2020 scrap their progressive 2016 party platform for a clearly defined socialist agenda — as radical as their rhetoric — then they will have crossed the Rubicon as to defining who they are and what they seek if elected.

In America, a candidate for president must be selected by their party before they are elected by the people. Selecting someone based on a party platform that is so out of touch with America’s values will ensure that such a candidate will be unelectable.

I cannot fathom Independents, fiscally conservative Democrats and swing voters — who are the linchpin of successful presidential elections — embracing a socialist agenda for America in 2020.

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