"Someone needs to tell her that the voices in her head are not real"

Following a briefing at Barksdale Air Force Base on Tuesday, Kennedy was asked by reporters to comment on the situation at the border. “Let me be frank. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez… someone needs to tell her that the voices in her head are not real,” he said, according to KSLA News 12, before refuting the 29-year-old self-described Democratic socialist’s description of the conditions within the facilities…

“The problem we’re having at the border, a problem that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has helped create is that we have 5,000 people a day, not a week, not a month, a day coming into this country. And we don’t have a place to put them,” the senator explained. “The Department of Homeland Security is out of money and the congresswoman knows that. She says the conditions are inhumane. But yet, when we send a bill over to her to vote to improve those conditions, she voted no.”

“Her hypocrisy is breathtaking,” he added. “This is the bottom line. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez believes that illegal immigration is a moral good. And she believes that the border is just a nuisance and it should be open; and, I don’t think that’s what America believes.”