The monster comes for Biden

Poor Joe Biden. He probably thought the press would never treat him the way it treats conservatives. But that is the folly of feeding monsters. You never think it will come for you.

The press is showing Biden no mercy this week after Sen. Kamala Harris brought up his past opposition to the busing of students for the purpose of racial desegregation during the Democratic primary debate. Newsrooms are digging even harder now into old archives that, oddly enough, went untouched between the years 2008 and 2016, coming back with armfuls of clippings suggesting Biden has a … problematic past.

And all this as the commentariat moves to argue that the things they used to like about Biden are now racially insensitive.

The former vice president must be confused. No one has ever been offended by his anecdotes about working cordially alongside segregationist Dixiecrats in the Senate. No one was talking about his position on busing before the debate. No one had cared about it since it was still relevant.

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